Cheyne Capital


Cheyne Hedge Fund 2009 hires

In March 2009, Cheyne Capital appointed Stephen Best and Nicolas Voco to its credit analyst team, as a partner and senior credit analyst, and ABS analyst, responsible for modelling and analytics in the ABS group respectively.

In April, Cheyne Hedge Fund was pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Goekjian as Chief Investment Officer ("CIO").  As CIO, Chris has taken overall responsibility for the risk management of all Cheyne-managed funds and investment products, the oversight of portfolio management teams, and the development of new investment products.

In September, Cheyne hired arguably the most successful equity trading team ever to emerge from Morgan Stanley Europe to form the Cheyne Equity Macro Fund.  Led by Jorge Giampaoli and Paul Ruddleston, this fund follows a short-term, liquid, macro-based equity trading strategy.

Over the last year Cheyne has placed even greater importance on broadening and expanding their excellent client relationships. To this end, Max Nardulli was appointed as Head of International Sales and Distribution in October.

Tom Wiggin joined as Head of UK Marketing in November. Tom has long been acquainted with Cheyne and joins them from Deutsche Bank in London where he worked since 1998, most recently as Managing Director, responsible for hedge fund relationships in Europe.

About Cheyne Capital

Cheyne Capital is one of Europe's leading alternative asset managers. Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP is authorised and regulated by the UK FSA. Cheyne launched its first fund in 2000 and today manages net assets of approximately $5 billion across a diversified suite of products. Cheyne currently employs approximately 150 people with its primary offices in London, New York, and Bermuda.